Virat Kohli and Navin-ul-Haq’s warm hug in ICC World Cup 2023

 Virat Kohli and Navin-ul-Haq’s warm hug :-ICC World Cup 2023: Following India’s difficult control of Afghanistan’s bowling, cricket fans saw a touching scene as Indian player Virat Kohli and Navin-ul-Haq’s warm hug . The reason this scene so intriguing was that Virat Kohli and Navin-ul-Haq got into a fight during an Indian Premier League (IPL) match a few months prior.

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Virat Kohli and Navin-ul-Haq's warm hug

Cricket fans were excited to watch the India vs. Afghanistan match and see how the rivalry between the two countries would develop. Still, many fans were moved by the manner the two players greeted one another. The thrill and interest of this meet was added by the presence of former Indian batsman Gautam Gambhir in the commentary box. In addition to the argument between Virat Kohli and Navin-ul-Haq, there was also a heated discussion with Gautam Gambhir to Virat Kohli and Navin-ul-Haq’s warm hug

What was the response on the internet to Virat Kohli and Navin-ul-Haq’s warm hug?

Social media users expressed their satisfaction that both players chose to put the past behind them and not let any hostility to interfere with the important match in the ICC World Cup in 2023. Some fans of cricket have emphasized how stars such as Navin-ul-Haq and Virat Kohli improve the game past just entertainment.

Virat Kohli and Navin

ICC World Cup: Afghanistan vs. India:

Rohit Sharma, the captain of Team India, scored a career-high 131 runs in one inning, helping India win Afghanistan by 8 wickets (with 90 balls left). Virat Kohli, the great batsman for India, won to win the match for his country with 55 runs and the winning shot. This victory is crucial for India right before their eagerly awaited match against Pakistan on Saturday at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

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In an attempt to reach a 273-run goal, India’s opening batsmen, Rohit Sharma and Ishan Kishan, got things going with a solid partnership of 156 runs. Even after Ishan Kishan was out for fifty runs, Virat Kohli made sure the task was done. Rohit Sharma became the player with the most hundreds in ICC World Cup history when he scored 100 runs against Afghanistan.

Gautam Gambhir reacts to Virat Kohli and Navin-ul-Haq's warm hug

During a World Cup match on Wednesday,Gautam Gambhir reacts to Virat Kohli and Navin-ul-Haq’s warm hug and veteran Indian batsman Virat Kohli and fast bowler Naveen-ul-Haq of Afghanistan put an end to their teams’ rivalry with a hearty embrace. Ul-Haq and Kohli got into a furious dispute during an IPL 2023 match, and the Afghan fast bowler added to the atmosphere by criticizing the Indian run machine on his Instagram stories.

Gautam Gambhir

“You compete on the field, not outside of it,” Gambhir said in reference to the settlement of the rivalry between Kohli and the fast bowler from Afghanistan. Regardless of their nationality or skill level, every player has the right to battle for their team, to be respected, and to win. The good news is that we could tell the fight was over when we saw Virat Kohli and Naveen Ul-Haq in between overs.”

Following their settlement with Kohli, this was Naveen Ul-Haq’s reaction:

After the game, Naveen Ul-Haq called Kohli a “good lad” and a “excellent cricketer” in remarks to the media. He accomplished it, and the audience will applaud for their homegrown cricket players,” the speaker said. This is his home territory. We shook hands, and he’s a nice boy and player.”

Nothing transpired outside of the field; everything that occurred happened on the field. People make a huge deal out of it. For their supporters, they require that. “We have done it today,” Kohli said, and I responded, “Yes, we have.” We hugged and shook hands,” the cricket player from Afghanistan said.

After the 2023 World Cup, Naveen Ul-Haq, who has only participated in nine one-day matches thus far, may decide to retire from the format.

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