Unveiling Samsung’s Galaxy AI: A Deep Dive into the Revolutionary On-Device AI Features of the samsung galaxy s24 ultra Series in 2024

samsung galaxy s24 ultra

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INDTODUCTION Samsung Galaxy s24

This year, samsung galaxy s24 ultramajor unpacked event made one thing absolutely clear: the company is fully committed to artificial intelligence, especially with its new samsung galaxy s24 ultra AI Assistant. These unpacking parties have always highlighted the newest Galaxy phone hardware enhancements. However, in the unpacked event of 2024, a significant change was witnessed, with software taking the spotlight for the first time.

And there’s no shocking revelation here. These days, wherever you look in the tech world, you’ll encounter discussions about big language models and AI generators. From ChatGPT to Google’s BERT, all tech giants crave a piece of that generative AI pie. Therefore, it’s no wonder that Samsung has also decided to jump into this race.

What is Use Samsung Galaxy s24 AI?

Galaxy AI highlights Samsung’s pioneering efforts in leveraging on-device processing power to provide AI features and functionalities. It allows users to access some AI capabilities without the need for an internet connection.

samsung galaxy s24 ultra AI in November 2023, describing it as a blend of on-device and cloud-based services aimed at enhancing the user experience. Since then, the company has further developed this platform, with the Galaxy S24 series showcasing its capabilities.

Gos Code: Used internally by Samsung developers for generating test cases and annotated code. Gos Code and its accompanying helper code assist Samsung developers in enhancing software proficiency.

Gos Language: Empowers natural language processing for chatbot-style applications. Gos Language is specifically tuned for summarizing, translating, and generating text responses.

Gos Image: Enables image creation and editing based on text prompts. Similar to major AI services like DALL-E, Midjerni, and Adobe Firefly, Gos Image can generate and modify images.

By processing data locally on the device instead of in the cloud, Galaxy AI offers benefits such as reduced latency, enhanced privacy and security, and lower data costs.

Key Features of Samsung Galaxy s24 AI :

The newly launched samsung galaxy s24 ultra  lineup is packed with various AI-powered features leveraging on-device processing. Here’s a glimpse of some key capabilities:

Live Translation: Real-time translation during conversations using the phone dialer or bilingual mode. This feature facilitates effortless two-way translation for personal chats.

Chat Assist: Aids users in chatting across messaging/social apps in multiple languages. Chat Assist adjusts tone and allows for grammar and spelling corrections.

Note Assistance: Summarizes documents and creates templates in Samsung Notes. Note Assistance can quickly summarize lengthy files or create new document templates.

Auto Reply: Summarizes incoming messages and suggests smart responses. Users can respond to messages with informative auto-generated answers using voice commands.

Transcript Assist: Generates transcripts for voice memos with speaker tags. It instantly creates transcripts for audio recordings.

Create Goals for Search: Allows users to create goals or highlights on text/images for immediate web searches. This feature enables direct searches from on-screen content.

Edit Suggestions: Recommends edits for enhancing photos. Users receive intelligent suggestions to improve their pictures.

Generative Edit: Prepares new image content by editing photos. Objects can be removed or new scenes created by combining images.

Quick Slow-Mo: Converts standard videos into slow-motion content. Any video can be transformed into shareable slow-motion material.

Android Auto Tuning: Enables summarization of incoming messages and sending simple voice commands for sharing information, similar to ETAs.

Key Features of Samsung Galaxy s24 AI :

Privacy and security are crucial considerations for any AI system. Since Galaxy AI operates locally on Galaxy devices, it avoids privacy issues associated with cloud-based AI. Samsung assures users that their data is under surveillance and secured with “end-to-end secure hardware.”

Users can easily disable advanced intelligence features through the enhanced intelligence settings menu in Galaxy AI, providing a seamless experience. Samsung emphasizes that all personal data is handled in accordance with applicable laws for users who enable Galaxy AI.

What do you need to experience Samsung Galaxy s24 AI today?

Currently, Galaxy AI is available only on the newly launched Galaxy S24 lineup – S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra models. Samsung provides all Galaxy AI features for free at present, though it notes that the warranty is valid only until the end of 2025. The company also hints at expanding Galaxy AI support to other Samsung devices eventually.

How is Galaxy AI different from Bixby?

With the arrival of Galaxy AI, how does it compare to Samsung’s existing virtual assistant, Bixby? Well, Bixby is equivalent to Samsung’s Alexa or Google Assistant – centered on answering questions, controlling devices, and accessing information.

On the other hand, Galaxy AI represents a new generation of on-device AI, empowering real-time translation and image creation features. As Samsung distances itself from Bixby, Galaxy AI emerges as its replacement over time. Currently, both AI systems coexist within Samsung’s ecosystem.

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